Our Story

The dream behind DIY Design Company was to provide a product that would change the way people view gifts and décor—to make these things a personal experience, something to take pride in, and not just something to spend money on.

Before starting DIY Design Company in 2016, I was at a place in my life where I was searching for something new. I wanted to do something meaningful and fun. During this process of soul searching, I began hosting a community craft group. I loved creating handmade gifts and decor and I wanted to give others the opportunity as well. One of our very first projects was making custom paint stick signs, and everyone LOVED it!

That’s when it hit me. People love the idea of making things that are personal and special to them, but too many people don’t consider themselves artistic or creative enough to actually do it. They needed a DIY product that was easy to use and would turn anything into a creative masterpiece. Vinyl stencils and decals were the perfect solution.

As enthusiastic as I was, I had no knowledge of how to start a business like this. It was one thing to make stencils for a small group of friends with my desktop craft cutter, but how was I going to turn this inspiration into something I could make available to people across the country? I went to work figuring out the most important details such as materials, shipping, how I was going to create instructions, and some initial design ideas. Within a few weeks I opened my first shop. 

Getting DIY Design Company to where it is today wasn’t an overnight transformation and it hasn’t always been easy, but the passion that drives me–and now my team–forward comes from wanting to give you the best DIY experience possible. Our dream is for you to feel the great satisfaction that can only be felt when you step back and admire something YOU just made!

We look forward to working with you and we can’t wait to see what you create!

– Autumn Haworth